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Looking for an original present? Give a unique gift card for a experience in the dark!

If you have a Dutch bank account you can use the form on this page to order. If you do not have IDeal, than you can order your voucher by e-mail using We will send you a Paypal link. Please mention in your e-mail:

  • What type of ticket or gift card you would like to order;
  • For how many persons;

Extra steps for gift cards (not required for tickets)

  • The names of the gifters¬† (the persons who pay for the voucher);
  • By which date you need the giftcard; Do take in mind that it can take around 3 worksdays.

Thank you for your order.

*Please note, with each form you order one gift card. If you wish to order more gift cards, please fill in the form again.