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About Ctaste

Ctaste started in 2007 with its unique concept to provide a unique experience for all its guests ánd provide real jobs for people with visional impairment. Nowadays, Ctaste has 11 visually impaired waiters employed who score a 9 (at a scale of 1-10) at service. Therefore, Ctaste stands for a rememberable evening with a high level of service in a quality restaurant.

How it works – When you’re welcomed at Ctaste, the hostess will explain the concept of the restaurant and all the practical ‘must-knows’ in the lounge (with light). Thereafter, you will be guided to your table by the waiter who will take care of you during dinner. Whatever question or request you have, just call his or her name and you will be helped as soon as possible. For example, if you want to go to the toilet or order a drink, just call for the waiter and he or she will help you out with anything you need. After your dinner, you’ll be guided out by the waiter and the hostess will explain what you have been eating in the lighted lounge.

The kitchen – As been asked frequently, our chef in not visually impaired or blind. He is supported by three assistants while preparing alle the customizes meals or tastings. We strive to employ anyone with a disadvantage to the labor market as an assistant chef. In this case, they will learn and get more experience in their field of work.




 Do you serve gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options?

Ctaste is supported by:

Start Foundation

Ctaste is sponsored by the Start Foundation which is a social investor who aims at a job market where everyone is welcome. Start Foundation supports and initiates innovative experiments and companies in the Netherlands to ensure that people with fewer opportunities can have a real job.


Ctaste is affiliated with the ‘Horecavakpunt’. They recognize training companies and hospitality schools to ensure that students get a perfect practical experience. Together with Ctaste, the Horecavakpunt teaches pupils for a future job in the hospitality industry.