Lunch Brunch High Tea

  • High Wine/Beer

    €25 p.p.
    Enjoy 3 tasteful wines or craft beers combined with tasty amuses. You may choose High Wine or High Beer upon your arrival.
    • 3 glasses of wine or craft beer
    • Matching appetizers with every glass
    • Possible on any day: Wednesday - Sunday
    • On Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00
    • Duration ca. 1,5 to 2 hours
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  • Chocolate tasting

    €15 p.p.
    Do you love chocolate? Than experience this chocolate fondue: romantic, fun and very tasty!
    • Chocolate tasting
    • Possible everyday Wed - Fri from 16:30
    • Sat - Sun from 12:00
    • Duration ca. 1 hour
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  • Beer tasting in the dark with beer expert

    €22.00 p.p.
    The best surprise for your friend that appreciates a well crafted beer. 1,5 hours beer tasting, under guidance of our own beer expert. Every Sunday at exactly 4.00 p.m.
    • Taste 9 different beers in complete darkness
    • All kinds of beers and lagers from different countries
    • Our beer expert explains about taste and how it relates to the brewing method or ingredients
    • You can ask questions
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  • -12%

    Lunch and Adventure

    €40.7 p.p. (€44.25)
    Enjoy an delightfull day out and confronting tour with your team!
    • Lunch salad
    • Drink budget for €8,50 p.p. enough for 2 or 3 drinks
    • Mineral water
    • CtheCity Adventure tour in the dark
    • Min. 4, max 10 persons
    • Duration approx. 2 to 2,5 hours
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Amsterdam in the Dark?

Bij CtheCity beleeft u Amsterdam in het donker, typusche Amsterdamse kenmerken hebben wij nagebootst met geluid-, geur- en tasteffecten. Uiteraard volledig mogelijk gemaakt door onze blinde stadsgidsen.

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